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Laura and Neil’s Story

1-LauraandNeilI first observed this pause at a home birth in the Bronx, where I helped Laura and Neil work through a rather zippy labor. Neil’s eight brothers and sisters had all been born at home in Ireland, and home birth had made immediate sense to Laura when I raised it as a possibility months earlier as she mapped out elaborate plans to arrive at the hospital as late as humanly possible.

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Amy and Paul’s Story: The moment I met my son he and I were the only two people in the universe

Lark Alexander Villinski was born at home on his great grandfather’s (92nd) birthday, November 14, 2011.

1-AmyandPaulIt is almost impossible to describe the moment Lark was born and the three of us became a family. The moment I met my son, my sense of time and place disappeared and he and I were the only two people in the universe. Little Lark was finally here in the loft — he had been placed on the floor beneath me by Valeriana, our midwife. The intensity of the pushing and the calm, but determined, laboring I had done for ten hours was wiped from my memory and I spent what felt like a very long time looking at him. After holding him while he lay on the floor and visually absorbing him I was finally ready to bring him to my chest. Paul and I held him tight. The feeling of love I had for this little being and our new family was something I had never felt before. Continue reading