Gia and Greg’s Story: A friend asked me to describe my experience and I said the only word that came to mind… Respectful.


Meeting their second daughter

So the only way I can think of to tell the story of my second baby’s birth is to first talk about the birth of my wonderful daughter almost three years earlier. It was exactly 2:00 am on my due date and my husband had just fallen asleep after working a 12-hour shift when my water broke in a huge gush all over the floor. I woke my husband, took a shower and had planned on going back to bed. My exhausted husband and his frayed nerves, however, had other plans. So I did what he asked and called my OB. That was the beginning of the end of me having any control over my birth and my body. I got into bed and somehow, even though I was giddy with excitement, fell asleep. I don’t remember how many times my OB called and woke me up but I do remember asking her to stop calling. My contractions were barely noticeable and I really wanted to get some rest while I could. Finally, at 8:00 am she really got pushy and convinced me to go to the hospital even though I was barely feeling anything. Continue reading

Amy and Scott’s Story: He made the world a better place just by being born.

When asked about the moment she first saw her son as he rested below her, Amy said: The folks who were there noticed that Miles really took everyone in and “arrived,” so to speak, in that moment. It was great, and I was really happy to have that time to catch my breath. Telling him he was welcome was really beautiful too, I think I was crying. It was so moving!

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Mary Esther’s Story: I am not sure that I have ever been so present to another human being

1-Mary Esther seeing her daughterOn November 4th, 2010, I met my third child in what I can only describe as the most ecstatic of ways. After an unexpectedly long first stage and a shockingly speedy second stage, I birthed my baby on my bed in the all fours position. As my midwife guided my baby down below me, I was thrilled to finish a labor that had seemed to last an eternity. But it is the next moments that are forever seared in my memory. As I saw my daughter below me… as I touched her meaty little arms and legs, took in her strawberry hair, watched her first breaths, felt her cord pulsing with the life force we had shared for so long, and finally – when I had really SEEN her- picked her up, the experience was nothing less than euphoric. I knew from watching others that not hurrying a baby onto its mother’s chest left the moment open to be what it needed to be. But I had no idea that being upright for this precious first meeting … with my daughter below me… no one hurrying her or me … would feel so powerful. I don’t think I have ever looked so hard at another human. I feel that I now understand in a visceral way what we mean when we talk about the imprinting that takes place at birth. It was an extraordinary gift to be able to truly see and take in this brand new person in the moments in which she arrived.

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