Parenthood is one of the most challenging stages in life that requires a lot of cautiousness and care in order to raise healthy and happy kids. However much challenging this stage can be to the new parents, parenthood can also be rewarding depending on how you nature your children.

There are various effective parenting styles and techniques that can be employed in training children to develop a sense of responsibility and the value of decision making.

 One is the method of parenting with love and logic. That promotes the aspect of offering your kids with choices that are acceptable to the parent and letting them make their own decisions while allowing the natural consequences of their decisions to do the teaching.  

Here are the 5 principles of good parenting that teaches your children the benefits of exercise and the fun it brings.

1. What You Do Matters

Parents are the first learning models young children get exposed to from the time they are brought into this world; hence, parents should, by all means, lead as an example. There is a difference between saying what you want to be done and doing them, and since what you do matters; you are expected to practice what you preach.

Therefore, parents are meant to lead the way, bearing in mind that what you do makes a difference. So make sure that you work perfectly on the way you treat others and how you look after your health behaviours. 

2. Be Involved In Your Child’s Life

Getting to know your child better from their early childhood stages takes time and hard work as a parent. In parenthood, being an involved parent is considered fundamental in enriching healthy habits to your children. As a caring and loving parent, it is never too early to expose your children to regular physical exercises. 

There are countless physical activities toddlers/ pre-schoolers can participate in as well active physical exercises for school-age kids. Thus, for a good parenting experience as far as health and fitness is concern, sacrificing your time and being there both physically and mentally for your kids will help you explore the world with your children.

 3. Encourage Your Child’s Independence

Children need to be given space and time to explore their talents and abilities with or without the face of their parents. Encouraging independence during early stages helps children develop a sense of self-direction and self-development.  Encouraging your child’s independence will let them learn to take control of themselves.

Train your children the importance of being physically active and let them practice doing them with or without your watch, and in return, praise them for maintaining an exercise regime. Independence is part of human nature, and children are also supposed to take control rather than feeling controlled by their parents all the time.

4. Treat Your Children With Respect

Children are a blessing from God, and they should be treated with respect and love. Respect is two-way traffic, whereby, you treat your child with respect; he or she will respect you back. Talking about health and fitness, you should recognize the fact that all your children have different abilities. 

Good parenting calls for creative ways to make exercising more fun to attract the attention of your kids. Sometimes, lazy children make their parents arrogant, but learning to treat your children the right way is important. 

 5. Make An Exercise Schedule

Our days are busy, and if we do not sacrifice some of our time for exercising and eating healthy, we are more likely to lead unhealthy lifestyles. Exercising don’t always have to be tough; there are simple exercising methods we can employ.  One is making an exercise schedule that will help you and your children set aside some time for physical activity.

Physical fitness requires time and commitment; thus, parents should find at least some few hours a day to stay active with their children. Taking a walk in the evening with your kids is the best way out as it brings some form of relaxation and socialization time.

So, as a parent who is looking forward to raising a healthy family, then you should consider the above 5 principles. Try them today, and you will never be disappointed!