I am a childbirth educator, doula, and mother of three. My first two children were born into the hands of midwives and passed directly to me. I will never forget those crazy, slippery, stunning moments in which I first held each of my sons. At the time, I could not have imagined wanting to meet my children in any other way. And while I fully honor and appreciate the victory and beauty of the quick delivery of my babies onto my chest, I have now witnessed and experienced something very different from this typical midwife-passes-to-mom moment. I have been deeply affected by a simple shift that allows a baby and its mother to find their own way to each other, unhurried, through the moment of birth and the minutes and hours following.I have created this blog, birthpause.com, with the midwives who inspired me, Valeriana Pasqua-Masback and Karen Strange, so that those of us who have been so blessed to meet our babies in this way can share our stories.